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I'm excited to tell you that we've opened up a marketplace for you where you can offer your images for sale with great ease. Classic stock photo marketplaces require you to pass a frustrating manual approval barrier. Any photographer that has experience of being rejected knows this frustration. Our partner Mostphotos has a new take on this. All images are approved. To ensure high quality for the customer, images are rated by a combination of factors like number of likes, views, keyword matches and previous sales from the same photographer. This is the future, just like Google's automated page rating mechanism rendered old hierarchical maually maintained web directories obsolete.

Anyone can sell images and it's really easy to get started. Just open an album project in the jAlbum software and click the "Sell images" button and take it from there. You will be done in minutes. It's free and you earn 50% of each sale. You retain the ownership of the photos, you simply sell the right to use it.

For inspiration, check out this list of random sold images and my portfolio on Mostphotos.


Promote sales through your albums

Album promoting salesYou can also promote your images for sale using a jAlbum album, like I do here. The only thing I needed to do was to upload images for sale using jAlbum's embedded Mostphotos uploader, then tick a checkbox to activate the Mostphotos "Buy image" button and make the album again. (See Turtle skin settings->Selling photos->Mostphotos).


Examples of images selling well

Fresh sprout spring. Sells well on keywords like "growth", "talent", "future"


This image sells surprisingly well due to its local touch



Happy kids at the beach. Easy to take and is selling really well


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David Ekholm

David Ekholm 4 лет назад

@Ken, I'm happy to hear. Please forward your suggestions for the Turtle skin to the Turtle forum section at our user forum. That way it will reach the attention of the Turtle skin developer.

Ken Gordon

Ken Gordon 4 лет назад

Thanks David. I will definitely do that. I love Turtle however and would be elated if responsiveness was added to this skin.

Many thanks and keep up the good work. BTW, I am really impressed with the artistic talent that usr jAlbum and have struck up quite excellent conversations with many very good photographers. Not something that every web site builder can boast.


David Ekholm

David Ekholm 4 лет назад

@Ken, check out our skins section and filter for "Touch interface support". That will bring up skins that usually are responsive too. There is also a filter setting for "Responsive layout", but it's a recent addition, so only a few skins have ticked that setting even if they are indeed responsive. I recommend that you especially check out the "Fully" skin for a skin that delivers a perfect full screen responsive layout.

Ken Gordon

Ken Gordon 4 лет назад

I really like using jAlbum and have built quite a few albums with Version 11. This new update looks great but the problem I have is that with tablets and cell phones proliferating, I need my sites to be responsive. It would seem that many people are gravitating to wordpress templates for this reason. Do you guys at jAlbum have any idea when this kind of upgrade will come? I would be more than willing to pay whatever the upgrade price would be.

Anders Callertun

Anders Callertun 5 лет назад

Yes, they should. If you have bought a license for v11 you will get a 50% discount.


CLOSED USER 5 лет назад

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