Passion for macro photography

Interview with Peter Reijners and his world of amazing photography.Peter Reijers

Jason: So tell me a little bit about yourself.

Peter: I’m Peter Reijners, 46 years old and live in Roermond in the Netherlands. I've always admired the beautiful flora and fauna around us. Due to the busy life people often do not have the ability to enjoy this. Through my photography I can share a bit of our wonderful world with all of you.

Jason: What got you into photography?
Peter: In 2008 I bought a 2nd hand camera (Fujifilm S5700), but after a short period I became interested in macro photography so I bought a Panasonic FZ50 with a Raynox macro lens. I have used this combination for about a year and then switched to my first DSLR camera (Canon 50D) with several lenses (incl. a real macro lens of course) and a real passion was born. Till now I love to take pictures of landscapes, animals, people etc, but my greatest passion is still with macro photography because it gives people the opportunity to see all the small details you can’t see with your bare eyes.

Jason: What do other people usually say when they look at your photos/portfolio?
: One of the things I often hear is that I have created an own style, they call it “a real Peterr” which is the name I mostly use on the different forums. Also I get lots of compliments about the sharpness and colors in my pictures.


Jason: Being a jAlbum user, what do you feel jAlbum offers that competitors don't? In other words, why did you choose to go with jAlbum?
Peter: I really wanted to have my own website, but I didn’t know how to do this with zero knowledge of HTML, Java etc. After searching the web for website creators I ended up with Jalbum. For me it’s the easiest way to create a beautiful website. It has great skins and runs really fast. A big advantage using Jalbum is the great support on the forum especially from Laza who helped me a lot.

Jason: Could you give us a link to the album with your favourite photos?
Peter: That would be of course my macro section:

I find it difficult to choose between the dragonflies, and the treefrogs. I'm very interested what you as a reader enjoy the most - you can post your comment below.

Jason: Thank you Peter for telling us about you and your amazing work!

One final question, if someone would like to know more about your work, how does one get in contact?
: They can mail or use the contact form on my website
I’m also active on different social media and other websites:

When people would like to buy my work, they can look at my shop on the website, or visit:


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