Fair licenses

Haven't we all been there, buying the new cool camera, mobile phone or graphics card just to realize it's not the latest and greatest a month thereafter?

It's naturally inevitable that technology moves forward, but the feeling of just missing a new release is annoying. The same holds for software licenses. At jAlbum, we're now at version 12.5. People suspecting that we may release v13 tomorrow could hesitate to purchase a license today.

We've now made a change to resolve this problem. You're no longer buying a license for "version xyz" of jAlbum. The license instead includes a 12 months support and update plan. This means that you're guaranteed priority support and free updates, big or small within 12 months. After that you can still continue using the version you have at that time (the license doesn't expire), but to enjoy future updates and priority support you can extend your support and update plan another 12 months to a discounted price. It's as simple as that. So, what are you waiting for, get a license for jAlbum today!

If you already bought a v12 license you shouldn't need to regret that you didn't wait. When we release v13 we will be adding the 12 months support and update plan to the date you purchased your v12 license free of charge. Now isn't that fair?

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ronnie smith

ronnie smith 3 лет назад

just great as allways

David Ekholm

David Ekholm 3 лет назад

V$971649, very few companies offer licenses where you're entitled to get all future updates, neither have we.


$971649 3 лет назад

As of this writing, major version 12 has been released for 15 months, with the latest release issued 13 months after the initial release. With this schedule, purchasing the major version and all subsequent incremental updates has been a better deal.

David Ekholm

David Ekholm 4 лет назад

@ $971649,
We haven't set the detailed terms for extending the support and update plan but you can be reassured to receive a discount no matter if you extend the plan before it expires and when extending it thereafter. The discount may vary though.


$971649 4 лет назад

Will you still offer the discount for lapsed license holders? I have a similar product who offers 12-month support licenses, but doesn't update their product very often - there have been greater than 12-month gaps in releases. With that company I only purchase a support license when I need to, which may see gaps larger than an additional 12 months. That company still offers the same price whether I have a lapse in service or not.

In short, if I get a 12-month support license, then don't renew for a year after the expiration, will I get the same discount?

If not, I'd rather stay with the old model, and upgrade when a new major version is released.

David Ekholm

David Ekholm 4 лет назад

@SpoonerStudios, Happy to hear. We haven't decided on the renewal discount yet, but I think we will land at 50%. I hope this blog made it clear how this new plan differentiates from the earlier model where you purchased a license for a specific major version. With the new model, version numbers are irrelevant.


SpoonerStudios 4 лет назад

Seems fair enough to me. What are the costs of this yearly license support and update plan? How will it compare to the current system of having to purchase a new license every time it's released?
I will be buying this anyway as our business and workflow depend on your great jAlbum product anyway. It's cost effective already as it saves us so much time compiling our photography albums and making them available to clients the day after a shoot.