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This skin was designed by world renowned photographer Jack Hollingsworth (also known as Photojack) and implemented by Jalbum's code ninja Kristoffer Jelbring. The skin is designed to give your photos a zen-like presentation, and includes features like:

- Smooth transitions when flipping through photos
- Fade in/out thumbnails to put focus on the photos in display
- Automatic slide show
- Captions
- Display of Exif data, such as Camera make, lens, shutter speed etc
- Support for sub-categories
- Breadcrumb navigation
- Video presentation option (!) Tell your audience about your ideas and inspiration by inserting a YouTube or Vimeo video in the album

This skin uses the Galleriffic plugin for its smart pre-loading of images and smooth photo-flipping transitions.

Utilizează JavascriptEfect de tranziţieFreewareAlbume multi-lingvisticeSprijin pentru Widget jAlbumAfişează datele Exif / IPTCPrezentare de diapoziveSuportă fişierele
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1.1.8 15.01.2012 (Curent)

- Dutch translation added. Big thanks fo Freek Pol!

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jsvarre acum 4 ani

Sooo frustrating. No matter what I do, I only get 3 "pages" of thumbnails. There should be more than 50.

Pauline Oliver

Pauline Oliver acum 5 ani

My file numbers do not show under the images. Does anybody know how to do this in simple english please.

Soo Jo

Soo Jo acum 5 ani

Does anyone know how to get rid of the file name shoing when the mouse is over the photo?

Hans van Outvorst

Hans van Outvorst acum 5 ani

I like this skin very much! Is it possible to increase the number of thumbnails per page? Regards,Hans

Strange Realms

Strange Realms acum 5 ani

I love the skin in black. But I have to admit though when I share big high res images the menu on the left disappears with the text and smaller images. I build the gallery so the small images lead to a bigger one that lead then to the original big res ones. But it's not what happens. Like that:

Strange Realms

Strange Realms acum 5 ani

I ended up building the album as small image to big res, it's the only way to show big original res. The other way was not showing big res images but just the medium size.