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Min. jAlbum versiune

Juicebox is a skin for jAlbum (minimum version required v10.10.2) based around Juicebox-Lite v1.5.1:

Juicebox uses JavaScript to display the images and has a maximum image limit of 50 images per gallery/folder. This limit can be lifted by purchasing Juicebox-Pro. Upgrading to Juicebox-Pro also gives access to further configuration options such as slideshow, transition effects and background music. Please see here for details:

The skin also uses jQuery and jsTree.

The skin generates W3C valid code (HTML 5 and CSS Level 2.1).

Pro Version

A Pro version of the Juicebox is available for purchase from '' and can be integrated into the skin in order to support advanced customization options, remove the branding and remove the image limit.

To integrate the Pro version of Juicebox into the skin, replace the Lite version 'jbcore' folder in the skin's folder ('Juicebox/res/juicebox/jbcore/') with the Pro version 'jbcore' folder from the Juicebox-Pro download package ('juicebox_pro_1.5.1/web/jbcore/').
To open the skin's folder, go to 'Tools -> Open Directories -> Skin directory' from jAlbum's drop-down menu.
Once the skin has been upgraded from Juicebox-Lite to Juicebox-Pro, Juicebox-Pro configuration options can be entered into the 'Pro Options' text area, in the 'Juicebox' section of the skin's settings, in the form:
Please note that there are no quotes around the option values.

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Utilizarea în scopuri comerciale este permisă.
Modificările temei sunt permise.
Va trebui să cumpăraţi o licenţă de la autorul temei pentru a scăpa aceste anunţuri enervante. Mai multe informaţii pe pagina de start a temei .


1.5.1 26.08.2017 (Curent)

* Upgraded Juicebox-Lite Image Viewer from v1.5.0 to v1.5.1
* Upgraded jQuery JavaScript Library from v1.12.4 to v3.2.1
* Upgraded jsTree jQuery Tree Plugin from v3.3.1 to v3.3.4
* Added support for jAlbum web locations
* Added support for jsTree jQuery Tree Plugin ellipsis theme configuration option
* Fixed CSS direction property
* Fixed jsTree margin in menu
* Compiled user interface

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monkeyboy acum 5 ani

Keyboard controls work if you first click within the gallery to give it focus. In order to position the thumbnails to the left of the main images, you must first purchase Juicebox-Pro (see instructions in the skin's description) and set thumbsPosition=LEFT in the Pro Options text area.


JHJensen acum 5 ani

You can not use the arrow keys and thump nails must be on the left side


MJZ acum 5 ani

Oh... and thanks for your work on this skin!


MJZ acum 5 ani

Never mind... I figure out how to edit the index.htt file...


monkeyboy acum 5 ani

@MJZ Please post queries in the 'Other Skins' forum: In answer to your question, you can change the font of the tree by opening the skin's 'index.htt' file in a plain text editor ('Tools -> Skin developer -> Edit skin files') and assign your chosen font family to the #tree CSS by adding code such as the following between lines 161 and 162: font-family: "Helvetica Neue";