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BananAlbum is an elegantly simple web gallery. You can create single albums or a full featured portfolio website for your photography.

BananAlbum v7 is built completely from the ground up with the latest technologies. Flash has been fully replaced with html, javascript and css.
It's optimised for desktop, tablet as well as mobile.
It has all the familiarities of the BananAlbum the way you know it.
It features the thumbnails-strip through which you can now simply scroll using your touchpad.
The gallery smoothly transitions from one image to the next.
You can choose the the background-color that suits your photos best.
Give it a try and let me know what you think! …and if you start using the gallery, I’d love to receive a link!

Suportă fişiereleFormatul sensibilInterfaţă pentru "Touch"Utilizează Javascript
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Utilizarea comercială este permisă numai în cazul în care veți plăti o licență 3rd party.
Va trebui să cumpăraţi o licenţă de la autorul temei pentru a scăpa aceste anunţuri enervante. Mai multe informaţii pe pagina de start a temei .


7.1.1 06.05.2018 (Curent)

Updated text handling (special character encoding fixes)

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tpendarakis acum 5 luni

I love this skin! Is it a lifetime license with free updates/upgrades? Will the skin be updated to work with updated versions of jAlbum? Your payment page does not appear secure. Any other way to pay? Thanks.


banana acum 2 luni

The BananAlbum website is now served through https (ssl). A license surely includes updates.


akakou acum 2 luni

Bonjour Bien en dessous que l'ancien, très bugué . J'ai acheté la licence, le concepteur à prix l'argent mais ne m'a pas donner de quoi déverrouiller. Apparemment je ne suis pas le seul, c'est un voyou.


banana acum 2 luni

Hello akakou, Sorry to hear you didn't receive your license. On what email address did you do the purchase? Or if you'd like a refund, just let me know. Kind regards, Rudin

Bob Bogart

Bob Bogart acum 5 luni

Purchased license. No information on how to remove the trial text. ???? Please advise


pfalzbilder acum 6 luni

Thanks for the great skin! unforntunately since the latest version it is not possible any longer to set/limit the size of the pictures. therefore those show way too big. could that be fixed? thanks in advance


akakou acum 6 luni

Bonjour J'utilise la dernière version de JALBUM, la dernière version du skin et la dernière version de Java. Je crée mon album et au final je n'affiche rien. Faut-il un paramétrage particulier du skin pour que cela fonctionne ? Y a t'il une taille pour les photos ? etc ... ... Cordialement