jAlbum featured in HostingAdvice

jAlbum interview in HostingAdviceI was recently interviewed in depth by the people at HostingAdvice.com. HostingAdvice has been around since the 90's and specialize in testing and reviewing hosting services and giving advice on site building tools and such. They also run tutorials on various topics that relates to running web sites. A great resource to check out.

In this interview you get to read the full story on how jAlbum started at a ski trip back in 2002 and when I was running our web site on a PC under my desk at my former work place. I'm glad I was able to convey that we're not just another image sharing service, but that we provide a truly independent way of sharing images and videos, from any web server you happen to host your site on. Host with us or with any web host. It's your choice. If you choose the later, now you know where to head for some good advice. If you happen to run a hosting service, contact us, cause we help sharing your customer's images and videos.

/David Ekholm, jAlbum


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