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Bo Brandsborg - Travel photographerBo Brandsborg loves travel and photography – and has created hundreds of truly amazing photo albums telling the story from many different places around the world.

- You take amazing photos. What got you into photography?
Thank you very much. I got bit by the travel bug in the mid 90'es - so I bought my first camera shortly after.  I quickly realised that the camera made me see and remember many more places, people and sights on my trips. When you are always on the hunt for a picture you pay so much more attention to your surroundings. For me it was the perfect combo. Then it just took off! I couldn't - and still cant - go anywhere without my camera.

- Tell us a little about your nonprofit
As I take a lot of pictures of people, it seemed so much easier for me to specify on my website that I'm working on a non-profit basis, which I really am. Photography is still just a hobby for me.  However - if the future brings any changes on this subject I would have to reconsider.

- You’ve traveled to lots of interesting places - Is there any place you remember in particular?
I travelled to Kashmir in 2012, I think it was. The Kashmir Valley is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Even if Kashmir is subject to a boundary dispute between Pakistan and India - and Indian military is visible on every street corner - it once again showed me that the World is out there - and that travelling is not nearly as dangerous and impossible as one might think. Kashmir was FANTASTIC!
Other all time favorites are: The Greek Islands, Malaysia, Namibia and South America.

Kashmir, Dal Lake:

Kashmir, Srinagar:

Namibia, Sossusvlei:

South America, Ecuador, Quito:

Malaysia, Georgetown/Langkawi:'s/index.html

GREECE, Kastellorizo Island:

- We’re naturally very happy that you’re using jAlbum. What made you choose our software for your photography workflow?
I am not a software/camera expert, so I knew that I needed to find a user friendly and easy solution. I googled and found jAlbum almost immediately. I have now been using jAlbum - and ONLY jAlbum for many years and I love the program! Gallery design is important for me, so I try to find skins that look really good......and there's a lot to choose from on jAlbum. So I'm still very happy with my jAlbums :)

Many thanks Bo and we're naturally looking forward to new amazing travel albums!

Check out Bo's website with hundreds of travel photo albums.

Bo Brandsborg

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Alam 3 jaar geleden

Kashmir is certainly one of the best place to travel in India. Although I have never got a chance to visit Kashmir but I always got a positive feedback from my friends and co-workers who have visited there.