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* Mercury is a skin that produces clean, simple web pages that are responsive to the size of the viewport, and that support swipes on touch-capable devices.
* Image display is optimized for phones, making maximum use of the viewport.
* Customization options include control over page layout, theme images, thumbnail type (fixed shape, justified, separate folder thumbnails), caption content, font attributes, and colors.
* Albums may include self-hosted videos, YouTube videos, and Vimeo videos.
* Support for Google fonts and WOFF files.
* Support for providing links to external sites.
* Albums may include an information page that includes descriptive text, a small image, and an email contact link.
* Navigation tooltip texts may be specified in any language.
* Allows the user to insert a favicon link, a copyright notice, a meta description, a meta robots tag, and Google Analytics code.
* CSS and HTML code may be inserted into the finished albums via entries in the user interface.
* The skin produces valid HTML5/CSS3: it supports all current browsers.
* The skin produces separate slide pages, which is more SEO-friendly than pages that use dynamic routines to display the images.

Utilizza JavascriptAlbum MultilinguaGratuitoEffetto di transizione (s)Riproduce file videoSupporto interfaccia TouchSupporta le cartelleResponsive layout
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9.0.0 25-feb-2019 (Corrente)

* Option, when not using fixed-shape thumbnails, to constrain the aspect ratio (width divided by height) of the thumbnails, with a minimum of 0.5 and a maximum of 2.5. This prevents panoramic images and exceptionally tall, skinny images from producing thumbnails with extreme aspect ratios, which tend to distort the thumbnail table layout.
* Completely revised method for handling folders that don't have a representing thumbnail image. This includes the ability, when using the Custom style, to specify the background color behind the generic folder icon; preset styles use a color-matched background.
* Improved handling of thumbnail images that are smaller than the user settings require.
* More selective copying and loading of resource files.
* More selective CSS inclusion.
* More efficient folder thumbnail sizing.
* Method for excluding unsupported objects altered to accommodate processing sequence in latest release of jAlbum.
* Album generation is aborted if you choose non-fixed-shape thumbnails, but also choose thumbnail image bounds that have an aspect ratio (width/height) that is less than 1.0. The justified gallery of thumbnails is fundamentally incompatible with portrait mode image bounds.
* Default for video autoplay set to false.

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fotofun2 7 mesi fa

Does your initial release include the Free Open Source Float Box?


jGromit 7 mesi fa

Mercury does not use Floatbox. In fact, Mercury doesn't use a lightbox effect at all.