22 good reasons to update jAlbum


Are you an old time jAlbum user and haven't decided to go for the current jAlbum version? We’ve made improvements in many areas since jAlbum 11 so I really feel you should give the current jAlbum a try. If you renew your license you’re guaranteed to get any future updates within 12 months for free. This includes the upcoming v14.0 which is just around the corner now.



Great image organizer added

Powerful image effects

New video editor

Improved image editor

Collaborative albums

Flexible multi file renames



New responsive skins

Updated user interface


Vectorized icons



Less IO intensive

Faster thumbnail painting

Faster album rebuilds



Fast RAW image support

Imports directly from facebook

Integrates better with other apps through drag & drop


Ease of use

Context sensitive help

Multi level undo/redo

Improved error reporting



Requires less memory

64 bit app

Updated upload libraries

Numerous bug fixes


All improvements are listed in our

Release history »


Get the latests jAlbum today to get hold of these improvements.

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Why jAlbum?

You probably had a good reason for choosing jAlbum in the past, but let me iterate why we’re relevant today:


Integrity matters

jAlbum is not a centralized service like most competitors. Your galleries are fully independent. The importance of this cannot be understated. When we hear stories of image services copyrighting your images, even selling them or having security breaches in central databases, we’re reminded that the old saying “Don’t put all eggs in one basket” still holds. With jAlbum your in control of the whole image workflow independent from us. Moreover, we use open standards for metadata and configurations to avoid any lock-in.


Functionality matters

If you need a specific functionality in your gallery, say for instance sales support, Google maps integration or smooth transitions paired with background music, there is a skin for that. If a certain functionality is missing, it can be added using jAlbum's flexible APIs.


Appearance matters

Not all sites have the same look. You should be able to customize the gallery’s appearance so it blends with your site. With jAlbum you can customize appearance from a multitude of settings and even down to html/css level if you need to.


Convenience matters

Many user choose us because they can conveniently manage and upload large amounts of images regularly. Once set up, it is very straight forward to make regular updates to large galleries. Many users appreciate the ability to work offline too.


Download latest version of jAlbum! »


Please remember that renewing your license will help us give you continuous support, allow us to develop the software even further, improve the skins and keep the jalbum.net site running. We depend on our users and you are an important part of our success so far, so we hope you want to be part of our future.

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David Ekholm

David Ekholm 3 anni fa

Just sign into your profile page at jalbum.net as "evasionphotos". Your license code (called User Identification Code) is available at the settings tab.



j ai paye ce jour 5 AVRIL 2017 MA LICENCE

" Paiement déjà reçu
Ce paiement a déjà été enrégistré"

sur le lien Adyen. B .V

par contre je n ai pas recu encore recu les codes pour l activer

je vous remercie de faire le necessaire