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You can also install the skin by unzipping þessa skrá í feldamöppuna.

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* Saturn is a skin that produces clean, simple web pages that are responsive to the size of the viewport, and that support swipes on touch-capable devices.
* Customization options include control over page layout (caption positioning, thumbnail spacing, and so on), borders, caption content, font attributes, and colors.
* Albums may include images (including animated GIF's), self-hosted videos, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, and PDF files.
* Support for Google fonts and WOFF files.
* Support for Google maps, if images are geotagged.
* Extensive support for metadata display.
* Albums may include an information page that includes descriptive text, a small image, and an email contact link.
* Navigation tooltip texts may be specified in any language.
* Allows the user to insert a favicon link, a copyright notice, a meta description, a meta robots tag, and Google Analytics code.
* CSS and HTML code may be inserted into the finished albums via entries in the user interface.
* The skin produces valid HTML5/CSS3: it supports all current browsers.

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Notkun í atvinnuskyni er aðeins leyfileg ef þú hefur keypt Pro-leyfi fyrir jAlbum.
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10.0.0 20.9.2018 (núverandi)

* Additional control over title, description, and info page colors when using the Custom style. If you have an existing project that used the Custom style, the skin will make an educated guess about the correct choices for the colors that may now be specified, but you should inspect the colors on the Custom tab when re-opening that project.
* Color settings for text and icons that overlay a theme image moved to the Custom tab. The preset styles default to white text and almost-white icons. If you have an existing project that used one of the preset styles, but on which you had changed the theme image text or icon colors, you will need to switch to the Custom style to make those changes.
* Font settings for text that overlays a theme image moved to the Fonts tab.
* Method for choosing not to display the album title and/or description overlays on theme images changed (because of a bug, it wasn't working properly anyway). If you want to eliminate either of these, set the font size for them to zero.
* Changes to keyboard navigation on the index pages.
* CSS changes to the info page to improve the layout when the text is not extensive.
* Info page scripts moved from inline to minified file.

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fotofun2 fyrir 3 mánuðum

Thank you so much for finding a free Float Box. I was about to purchase a license, much to my dissatisfaction, though was also looking for a better skin for what I use Saturn for currently. Unless I do my own, learning curve and all, I'm convinced your themes are the best for how I use them.


jGromit fyrir 3 mánuðum

Well, I didn't "find" anything. The Floatbox developer released a new version, and has decided to drop his licensing requirement.