Þessi feldur hefur ekki verið uppfærðu í meira en tvö ár og óvíst er að hann virki með núverandi útgáfu af jAlbum.

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You can also install the skin by unzipping þessa skrá í feldamöppuna.

Krefst að lágmarki eftirfarandi útgáfu af jAlbum

Feel free to take this skin and tweak some more. Some advantages of this particular skin are that it is in principle XHTML compliant and that the layout is driven from CSS. This makes it much easier to read than other templates and consequently much more flexible. On top of that the design scales nicely because of the use of the css float attribute.


* Standards. XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant. The only tables you will find present tabular data. Layout is driven using CSS and DIV tags. Old browsers will be able to view this page without the layout. Also great for mobile browsers.

* Performance. Because there are no tables, the important elements on the page display early (typically before all thumbnails are downloaded). This is nice if you browse using a slow connection.

* Space. Thumbnails float. Some CSS trickery allows the thumbnails to flow over the page nicely. The skin contains some code that ensures that thumbnail all have the same height (otherwise floating becomes very ugly).

* Minimalism. The page design is clean and functional and tries to not get in the way of the photos.

* Lightbox. Integrates the popular lightbox javascript to display images in a cool floating overlay. You can learn more about lightbox here. Basically it is unmodified except for the paths to the images in the javascript and the font color in the css.

Update 03 February 2008. the skin still works fine in JAlbum 7.4 but I've decided to abandon it and am not updating anymore. Feel free to continue development. Drop me a line if you do, my homepage with contact details is at

In case you are wondering, I switched to Chameleon.

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3.0 10.12.2006 (núverandi)

Integrated lightbox javascript to allow for cool image overlays. Removed the slide template because it is no longer needed. Also means no exif floating div anymore.

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