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You can also install the skin by unzipping this file into the skin folder.

Min. jAlbum version

HTML5, CSS level 3

No inline frames, no Flash, no JavaScript required.

The basic look is "classic", clean and simple, though it is highly customizable. Thumbnails are aligned at their base for a clean look when images of various height or captions spanning multiple lines are present.

Subdirectories are displayed as ringbook style mini-albums - choose from 10 different designs.

New user-defined color styles can be easily created and saved from the skin's settings interface.

Some features:
- Video support
- Cross Folder Navigation: "Next image" can cross folder boundaries. The last image in one folder will link to the first image of the next neighbouring folder and vice versa.
- Traverse album navigation: Image navigation and slideshow can step through the complete album, regardless of folder structure.
- Image filter support (shadows, watermark, greyscale, logo, shadow text, random thumbnail rotation)
- Direct high-resolution image download via a 'download' button
(no need to 'right click - save as...' on the image).
- Slideshow
- Mouseover information on thumbnails
- Keyboard navigation
- Custom logo image on index pages
- Extensive metadata (EXIF/IPTC) display options
- Multi-language support in generated Albums (en, de, es, fr, it, sv).

Optional settings which do require JavaScript:
- Swipe support
- Slideshow transitions
- Keyboard navigation control
Browsers without JavaScript enabled simply ignore these settings.

W3C compliance: The generated code is valid HTML5, CSS level 3

Author: Heinz-Peter Bader

Classic Aligned 2 is free for non-commercial use.
For a professional license see:

Plays audio filesFreewareMulti-language albumsHas slideshowPlays video filesSupports foldersDisplays EXIF/IPTC datajAlbum widget supportTransition effect(s)Touch interface support
Last updated
Commercial use is allowed only if you pay a 3rd party license.
Modifications of the skin are allowed.


3.1.5 2017.06.28. (current)

+ jAlbum 14 compatibility
+ Extended EXIF / IPTC Support
+ Adjustable size of navigation buttons
+ Added on-image navigation for non-image files with THM-representations
+ Added support to set "maxImageWidth" user variable for panoramic images
+ Corrected file size binary prefix units (KiB/MiB/GiB instead of KB/MB/GB)
- Bugfix: Size of Folder thumbnails when HiDPI setting is selected

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Derek C Johnstone

Derek C Johnstone 7 hónapja

Placing HTML files segments in the source image directory called ",,,,,,,and". Allow you to place all the entries for Google and Bing your own code and trailers. Just experiment. read the file "ca2.ini" in the Includes directory for greater explanation.


macjohn 3 éve

This has been a great skin for me over the years. My only issue has been with albums with over 15k pictures crashing the program. One request: Google requires analytics code to be placed just before the end of the header section and ansense code to be placed in the body. Any ability to add the functionality to have 'special' code added to both the head and body sections?

Heinz-Peter Bader

Heinz-Peter Bader 3 éve

Yes, this is possible. See Classic Aligned 2 > Main > Special. You can enter code in the text box there and select whether to place it inside the HEAD or BODY section. Additionally, you can create text files named or, their content is placed inside the BODY section of generated pages.

Heinz-Peter Bader

Heinz-Peter Bader 7 éve

Here you find this skin's support forum:

Heinz-Peter Bader

Heinz-Peter Bader 7 éve

Suggestions to improve the skin are always most welcome!


ksmatharu 7 éve

Heinz-Peter, I just wanted to say thanks for these improvements in 2.8.3. They've made managing my albums so much easier as I do not have to implement workarounds for some of the aesthetic changes that I wanted.