jAlbum / Share

This view mode makes it easy to let other people know about your album. You can share the album on jalbum.net and other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumbler, Reddit, Pinterest or send an email. To access it, the album needs to be uploaded first. Until then, the share tab is greyed out.


Share on jalbum.net

When you share the album on jalbum.net you are sharing the album in the jAlbum community. The album will appear on the recent albums page and your followers will be notified.

Embed album

The embedding code can be used if you want to embed the album on your website or blog. The default embedding code is for an iframe and should be copied and then pasted into the source code on the page on your website that you want the album to appear. Depending on the size of the album and the size of space on your website, the width and height can be adjusted. A skin can overwrite the default embed code and produce it's own specific code, for example the Responsive skin creates a JavaScript embed code rather than an iFrame.

The default protocol is http, if you want to change this to https then with the project selected open the system console (F7) and execute the following code in the upper panel:

props = rootFolder.getProperties();
albumURL = props.get("albumURL");
props.put("albumURL", albumURL.replace("http:", "https:"));