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This section lets you choose what Widgets (if any) to use. Widgets are small JavaScript code snippets that make your album interactive. To its nature, jAlbum albums are static html pages, but receive dynamic aspects like search and filter-by-keyword by the use of JavaScript and by interacting with other services (PayPal's shopping cart for instance).

jAlbum Widgets interact with the jalbum.net servers in order to provide functionality like visitor counters and visitor commenting. You need a jalbum.net account and be signed-in to the jAlbum application in order to use Widgets. You sign in with the same user name and password as for jAlbum.net. To enable the widgets you need to have Settings>Advanced>Metadata>Others>Include jAlbum widget support checked.

Note: jAlbum 28.1 and earlier. If the widgets settings have been disabled by the current skin, but you click the on the ‘Include jAlbum Widget support’ then widget support appears to be active but is not. The album will not include widgets and when the project is reloaded widgets will again be inactive.

You can use Widgets even if you host your album on your own server, but the album must be listed on your jalbum.net profile page. jAlbum takes care of this if you're signed into the jAlbum application when you upload the album, but you can also manually add albums to your profile page using your web browser. Go to your profile page and choose'Albums' from the drop- down menu below your username, then click on the button ‘Add external album’ and enter the full URL to your album. Finally, select a thumbnail image to represent it in your Albums listing. Your album must not be password protected during this process, since jAlbum must check the ownership of the album, since you may not add an album that isn't yours.

A word about redirection on your site: for widgets to work, the URL you enter when you add an external album to your profile page must match, precisely, the URL that appears in the address bar when a visitor goes to your page. If, for example, a visitor to http։//example.com/mysubdomain is redirected to http։//mysubdomain.example.com, the profile page thumbnail for that album must be http։//mysubdomain.example.com. Widgets do a simple matching of the URL, and don't understand redirection.


Just toggle the checkboxes for the Widgets you wish to enable or disable. For already uploaded albums, the changes takes place instantly. i.e. no need to make and upload the album again.



The About widget shows information about you, the person behind the photos, including your jalbum.net user image and information (such as description, location and a link to your homepage). It also shows your albums description, when it was published and what skin it was built with. The About widget also lists thumbnails to your other albums for easy browsing.


Let visitors comment on your album and on each image. Get feedback and connect with your visitors. You can also comment as a guest so you don't need a jAlbum account to comment on an album.


The Counter widget displays how many total visits you've got on your album and how many visited each image. Note, even if you just refresh the page, it will be counted as one more visit.


The Share widget make it easy for visitors to share your album on their favorite social networking site (such as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace), blogs or e-mail to friends.

More about widgets

You can find out more about widgets by clicking on the link More about widgets, which will take you to jAlbum.net’s widgets page.

You can manage widget settings for published albums on your albums tab of your profile page

Save as default

Makes the selected widgets to the default setting for the upcoming albums.

The result


Widgets cannot be previewed locally, so to see them you must look at your published album. At the bottom of each page you will see the widget bar, by default in its minimized state. Clicking on the different sections will open up that widget. Widgets can be customized, but you do need to know javascript, CSS, HTML and how to edit jAlbum templates!