jAlbum / Settings / Pages

This section controls how the album web pages are generated and what kinds of images to generate.

How web pages are made and how they look is entirely dependent on the skin being used. The layout and order of objects on a page may be different to what is selected here. For example, skins making responsive pages do not follow row and column settings, many skins control the ordering of objects.


Make slide pages

Slide pages allow for navigation between the main images. If not made the thumbnails link directly to the image, visitors would need to use the browser’s back button to get back to the thumbnail images and then select another image to view. Note, that this is only true for the non-lightbox skins as lightbox skins have their own navigation system.

Thumbnail layout


Older html table based skins rely on this setting for the number of thumbnails across each row of thumbnails on index pages. The columns and rows (below) settings match the columns and rows in the generated tables. For example, four columns and ten rows would give forty thumbnail images to an index page. Many modern skins however do not use tables they use CSS positioning and set a maximum page width, with thumbnails wrapping as needed. Some skins use dynamic loading of thumbnail images, so not all thumbnails appear until you scroll down the page, and some include the ‘slide’ image in the index page. These settings thus may, or may not, affect the layout of an album. It is very much skin dependent.


Number of rows of thumbnail images on index pages, to have a single index page per folder set rows to zero; otherwise see above for how multiple index pages are created.

Image ordering

Album-wide image ordering. The options here can be overridden on a folder-by-folder level. See Explore view mode and the View->Order by menu. Available alternatives are: Last modified date, Added date, Camera date, Name, Name (simple). The difference between Name and Name (simple) is that the former sorts numbers as numeric values and the latter as strings. Name would sort, for example File1, File2, File11 but Name (simple) would sort File1, File11, File2.

Link to homepage

Create a link back to your home page. Use either an absolute URL like http://www.mysite.com or a relative URL like ../index.html (links to the parent level). Often a skin will show this link as a ‘home’ icon, if you are making an album of albums leave this field empty for the ‘master’ album to prevent it appearing where not needed.

Credit links

jAlbum will by default create a discrete credit link ("powered by jAlbum") that links to jalbum.net. Select the kind of link text you prefer here. Users with valid licenses can also opt to have these credit links removed.