Variables - user

Variables that can be overwritten

The following variables can be overwritten, in Edit mode, by entering the variable name and specifying a value in the user variables fields. Variables Note that case is significant:

Name Value example
maxImageWidth 2048
maxImageHeight 1024
maxThumbWidth 90
maxThumbHeight 90

The above variables, when added to an individual object in edit mode, will let you change the size of its thumbnail or slide image.

Note. Changing thumbnail size in particular might result in the page not displaying as expected, if this happens consult the skin developer for advice on what you are trying to do.

Defining and using variables

Variables can be entered in Settings/Advanced or in jAlbum/Edit, the advanced settings apply to all objects in your project whilst edit mode apply to a single object. The way these variables can be used is very varied, you can define and use your own or overwrite those of the skin. For information on overwriting skin variables see the documentation for the skin in question.