Add a paypal shopping cart in Turtle

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The Turtle skin can be used to sell your photos or products. To use this option you'll need to hold a Pro license or a Power storage account with jAlbum. Although the payment is routed through Paypal, your customers don't need to be signed up with paypal, they can simply use their credit cards. Follow the steps to create an album with shopping cart, and peek at what your customers see during the shopping process.

Step 1. Create an album

You need to start by creating the album you want to add a shopping cart to. Please have a look at the tutorial below if you need help with this.

---> Create your first album with the desktop application

Step 2. Setting up the shopping cart

First of all you need to make sure you are signed in within jAlbum. If you are not, click Sign in on the top left. If you signed in only after you've opened the album you might need to re-load the skin with Ctrl+R.


Go to Settings >> Turtle >> Selling photos>> Paypal and tick the checkbox Use paypal shopping cart.

Now you need to add your seller ID,

If you don't have a paypal account you can sign up here.

Where to put the shopping cart


You can choose to have the shopping cart in the slide page, on the index page or both.