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jAlbum comes in three flavors: Online jAlbum, jAlbum for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and the desktop jAlbum application. The jAlbum desktop application requires you to download an installable to your computer, but once you've done that, a world of possibilities opens up for you compared to what you can do with albums made with Online jAlbum or jAlbum for iOS. With the desktop application, you can use any of the hundreds of skins available for jAlbum and the skins come with a multitude of settings so you can tweak the album experience to your liking. The desktop jAlbum application also enables you to organize massive amounts of images in hiearchies. Now you can present your stamp collection or favorite football teams in a well organized way :-), moreover, with the desktop jAlbum application, you can upload your albums to any web site, not just our hosting, but you can still share the albums on if you like.

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