Download and use more skins

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1 Browse for skins

Go to this page to browser for more skins:

Use the area on top of the page if you are looking for a skin with specific features or properties. You can what features and properties a skin has by looking at the symbols below it. Click on the skin to read more about it and view an example album.


2 Install skin


When you have found a skin you like you can install it. Click on Install skin and then double click on the downloaded file.

When the skin has been downloaded to your computer. It will automatically launch the jAlbum application. A window will appear saying: Selected skin(s) will be installed into jAlbum. Click OK. After the skin has been installed a confirmation window will appear saying: Skin installed and ready to use.


3 Ready to use


The installed skin is now ready to use!

Open your latest album project by clicking on it in the recent albums list, or choose to create a new album.

Use the first drop box under Skin and style to choose the skin you just downloaded, in this case it was Cement.

Now click the Make album button to build the album and preview it with the new skin.

Click the Upload button to upload your changes.

4 Done!