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PayPal's Standard Web Payments API offers a simple solution for web payments, however, it has limitations too. As it's not implemented through a secure communication layer, it's not capable of checking if a payment was successful or not; consequently, no automatic delivery (of digital goods) is possible either. Once the payment has been completed it sends you a notification of the payment with the items sold. Then it's your responsibility to fulfill the order.

Use PayPal shopping cart

The main switch for the shopping cart.

Show cart on pages with images only

As Tiger can display images after a search or a tag search, there's a point in offering the cart functionality on pages with folders only too. This can look odd at first sight, hence this option exists. With this on, the album will display the cart only on pages where you can put something in the cart right away.

Always visible

With this option on the cart will be always kept on screen while you scroll through the thumbnails section.

Box title

The title for the index page's "Shopping cart" section.

Seller ID

Typically the email address you've registered with PayPal. Can be a long code too.


The currency of the shop. You can have only one currency per album.

Success URL

Once the payment went through, the visitor will be redirected here. Can be a "Thank you" page or something. If left empty the visitor simply returns to the page left off.

Show price range

Show the lowest price or the lowest/highest both on the "Add to cart" button. (Both on the index page and in the lightbox.)

Checkout in the same window

Normally a popup opens for the PayPal payment, however, you might decide to open the PayPal site in the same window.

Ask permission to empty the cart after sending

By default, the skin will empty the cart after being sent to PayPal. However, the skin doesn't get informed of the successful payment, so it could happen the customer has changed its mind or the payment failed, in which case emptying the cart can be irritating. With this option ON, the skin will always ask the visitor if the cart could be emptied or not.



Handling fee

This single fee is added to the total cart value regardless of how many items are in the cart.

Tax (%)

The local tax, where applicable.

Quantity cap

The maximum number you can buy from an item. If it's '1' it means you can buy only one of each - useful for painting galleries for example.

Discount rate (%)

Global discount rate, that's displayed alongside each price on a red label.

Minimum items

At least this many items need to be placed in the shopping cart to use the Discount specified above.

Minimum amount

At least this total value is needed to use the Discount specified above.

You can also specify discounts, handling, tax, etc. through the PayPal site. Leave empty the corresponding boxes in jAlbum, so the PayPal settings can get through.

Shop options

The different options for the same item, each option in a new line. Must be a label, an equation sign, and a price. Options with no price get stripped.


Variant name=Price+Shipping+Shipping2

where Price is the base price, a positive number, Shipping is the per-item shipping cost (optional), Shipping2 is the shipping cost starting with the 2nd item (optional).


Print A4=2.0

Simple case, no shipping.

Print A2=10.0+0.5

Equal shipping amount of 0.5 added on each piece.

Print A2=10.0+0.5+0

0.5 added on the first piece, no additional shipping on more pieces.

Please note, no currency sign is allowed in the shop options box!

Shop coupons

You can offer coupons for your visitors in the form of percentage or as fixed amount.


couponcode=price|percentage <expiry min+



one-off discount

XMAS=20% <2018-12-24

20% off, valid before 12/24/18

Min10=30% 10+

30% off if at least 10 items bought

Please note, no currency sign is allowed here too!



Seller instructions

The custom text below the skin's shopping cart popup. You can use this box to give more info about the shop. Can contain HTML code.

Notice in the box

Custom text to show in the "Shopping cart" section.