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Thumbnail layout

  • Fixed shape grid = Same sized thumbnails, like in previous version
  • Grid = Uncropped thumbnails, keeping their original aspect ratios, like Fixed shape thumbnails = OFF before
  • Flexible grid = Similar to Grid, but images fill in the card more tightly. In this mode, however, the captions are not aligned vertically.
  • Masonry (horizontal) = Same height thumbnails, keeping their aspect ratios. Slight cropping might happen in order to fit into the available space.

Aspect ratio

The desired aspect ratio in Fixed shape grid mode. Tall to wide.

Thumbnail columns

The number of thumbnails placed in a row on large screens. The narrower the screen the fewer columns used.

Place thumbnail captions

  • Over - placed on top of it
  • Below - placed below the picture

Note, As tooltip from the earlier versions has been removed because it's not mobile-friendly. Above has been removed purely for aesthetic reasons.


Predefined thumbnail caption presets.

Caption template

The template for image captions. You can use jAlbum's Variables.

Mouse over effect

Zooms in the thumbnails on mouseover.

Move current thumbnail into view

With this option ON, after returning from the lightbox the page will be scrolled to show the actual thumbnail. The same happens when you come to a page with a direct link to an image. (Suggested to leave on.)

Maximal horizontal/vertical aspect ratio

The skin limits the maximum aspect ratios by default so extra wide and extra tall images won't break the thumbnail layout. This only works if "Fixed shape thumbnails" is not turned on. If you don't want to limit thumbnails having an extreme aspect ratio, use a large number in the first (1000), and 0 in the second box.