Skin / Tiger3 / Lightbox / Buttons



Button labels visible

Icon only or Icon + Text buttons should appear in the info panel?


If the photo holds GPS data, the Lightbox can show its location on a map. Note, this functionality needs the API key too defined on the Map panel.

Shopping cart

You can choose if the "Add to cart" button is displayed below the images in the lightbox.


Shall the "Write feedback" button be displayed in the lightbox?

Regions (Face tags)

Show face tags (or other regions) embedded in the photo. Use Picasa or a similar application to tag lots of faces automatically. Or use jAlbum's right-click → Set area tag tool to add tags manually.

Button label

The button text can be customized because not only faces can be displayed. It's up to you what you call this button.

Skip empty tags

By default, all regions are displayed, but you can decide to skip those that have no names.


If there are shares that can work on individual pictures there will be a button for them in the Lightbox too, unless you disable this functionality here. See Social panel for sharing settings.


When you enable this option there will be a "Print" button added by which users can easily print the photo without the distracting page elements.


Direct download button for the originals.

Enable on non-images

By default the skin doesn't allow downloading videos or audio files, but if you wish you can enable this functionality here.

Enable on scaled images

Allows download also on scaled images. (The ones displayed in the lightbox.) Only when no original is found.


Fotomoto is a selling platform for images. They can print images, T-shirts, canvas prints, mugs, etc. from your photos. Available in the US. You can turn on this tool here.

Store ID

Fotomoto will provide you with a long "Store ID" string. You can sign up with them here.

Photo data

The Photo data is the metadata embedded in a photo. Part of it is automatically generated when you take the photo (the so-called Exif data), other data is added by the processing applications afterward (Iptc, XMP). You can turn off displaying photo data here.

In the caption

You can choose to display the photo data directly on the info panel instead of the default popup window.

Show with label

Only the values or labels + values are to be shown.

Reset to defaults

Easy way to reset the template to the skin's defaults. Can be useful also when you switch from other skins because Tiger's template is probably better.


Give the required fields here. Those separated with pipes are alternatives, e.g. originalDate|Date/Time Original|Date/Time|CreateDate|ModifyDate and only the first found will be displayed.

Check your images in jAlbum with right-click → List metadata for all the available metadata fields!