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Page design

Max. page width

Select the page content width here. This affects the width of Sections and all the other design elements that aligned to this column, e.g. Search box, Title, Start slideshow button. "No limit" means the design will fill in the browser window horizontally. Please note, making this width bigger the thumbnail's size need to be bumped up too, or the number of thumbnail image columns, see Sections / Images, otherwise the thumbnails might get pixelated/blurry.

Background image

If you want to replace the background image came with the selected style you can provide your own background image. If this image tileable select "Repeat both" below, otherwise with a sufficiently large image the "Stretch to fit" is the best option. Please note, if you create a new album by importing this album's settings, you might need to add the background image again, as the Import tool unable to import background images.


Background image position and tiling. No repeat places the image once in 1:1 size, repeat options place the image repeated in one or both directions, Stretch to fit fits the image to the browser window.

Background color

Background color for the main - "Sections" - area. Can be (semi-)transparent too.

Modal windows theme

The popup window's color: Light, Dark, Auto = automatically selected for the theme.

Top navigation

The background color of the top bar. Can be transparent so the background color / image shines through. The text color is automatically selected by the skin.


The background color of the sections, thumbnails, etc.

Corner radius

The corner rounding of the sections and cards (image and folder thumbnails).


The padding between the thumbnail images and the cards they're on.

Drop shadow

The shadow of cards, sections, etc. Gives some layer depth effect.


Font family

The base font family of the album. Can be only fonts that most browsers has support to, that's why this list is so short. Click "Font samples" below to see these fonts in the browser!

Font size

By default desktop browsers have 16px fonts as base, but you can make it smaller or larger. All the text in the album will be affected.

Headline font

The font used for Page titles, Folder names, and similar highlighted texts. Can be same as the base font a browser font, or a Google font. You can even enter your own selected font's name you found on Google Fonts. Please note, Google fonts have some penalty on page load times. You can also select the H1 (= the largest headline font) font size percentage relative to the base font size.

Folder title Same as headline

By default folder titles have the same font family as page titles, but you can choose the base font too by deselecting this box.

Text color

The color of the most text elements. Note, the links, the texts on cards have different colors.

Link color

Color for links.

Button color

Background color for buttons. This affects the top menu hover color too.

Hover color

The link color when the mouse is over it.


Background color

Background color for the Lightbox, the window for the slide images. Can be transparent or semi-transparent too.

Border color

The color or the border around the slide images (and videos, etc.)

Border width

The width of the border around the slide images in pixels.

Corner radius

The rounding of the slide image border.