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Tag cloud box is a collection of tags from the whole album (or the current folder), so visitors can easily select photos and view these selected photos in the lightbox, or use them for feedback or buy them. You can select which fields to look for keywords in.

Collect from

The source folder(s):

  • No tag cloud box
  • Current folder
  • Subfolders included
  • The whole album

Box title

The title of this section

Fields to search

The tag sources separated by commas. Can limit to an item type, e.g. folder:description. Default:


Sort by

Sort criteria:

  • Unsorted - appearance in album order
  • Name - ABC order
  • Frequency - the most frequent comes first

Variable font size

The more instances found the bigger the font.

Add search box

Search started from here will search the tags in the folders, in the fields defined above.