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Top menu


The multi-level menu is made up of folders and/or custom pages and/or web locations. Located above the Hero image. See related settings.



Album-wide search helps users finding a specific photo. You can even use exact, match both or match any searches. Related settings.

Folders / Pages sections


The sections below the Hero can contain Folders (with web locations included) and Pages (separately). You can turn off Pages once they are added in the top menu too. See Pages section.

Back link / Home link

On the Hero, next to the Folder title the album adds an "up" link, which takes one level up in the folder hierarchy. If you are on the top level page already, this link will only appear if you have entered a Link to homepage.

Previous / Next folders


You can have links to the next and previous folders in the same level of depth. See Neighboring folders.

Bottom navigation


The footer can also contain a simple (one level deep) menu optionally of folders, pages and web locations. See Neighboring folders.

Sitemap page

You can add a Site map page to your album too, see here how: Sitemap.htt

Reaching the last page in the Lightbox

When visitors reach the last image in the Lightbox and move on, you can choose from a few options options where they will be taken. See "After the last image"