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The 'New/Recent' template lets you add a page where visitors can see either new additions or recent changes to your album.. You add templates in 'explore' mode by click on the 'New page' icon and selecting the appropriate template, see jAlbum/Explore for details. To access the template settings just double click its thumbnail to enter 'edit' mode.

The page will not show any hidden or excluded images. You can choose if web pages, videos or other items, such as PDF files, are included or not. The width of thumbnails can be set to a value lower than that set in jAlbum's image settings.

Items can be considered as new if added within a specified number of days from the album build. If no new items are detected within that period then you can specify how many recent items should be displayed instead. In this case it is the most recently added items that will be shown.

Thumbnails will link to the appropriate slide page.

If you add any normal comments they will be shown below the template's own text block.