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About Template


The 'About' template lets you add a page where you can provide information on yourself, your album or your site, for example. You add templates in 'explore' mode by click on the 'New page' icon and selecting the appropriate template, see jAlbum/Explore for details. To access the template settings just double click its thumbnail to enter 'edit' mode.

You can add an image by clicking on the folder icon and navigating to an image file. The image width can be, so it can be scaled to to fit the page, just enter a number e.g. 100.

The page title can be shown on the page or left off by checking or unchecking a tick box, see above.

A 'header' text can be added if required.

The about text can be added in the large text box as shown above. You can enter HTML tags to format the text and to add links or other images. This text will appear to the right of any image as added above, and then wrap below it.

If you add any normal comments they will be shown below the template's own text block.