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PolyGlot skin produces pages that can display their content in different languages, making multilingual albums easy to build and without having to have multiple albums or multiple pages for each language.

It supports alternative styles for folders, so an album can have different styles applied to each folder or a style applied to a root folder which is then inherited by all of its sub-folders.

It produces HTML5 pages and uses jAvaScript.

To make multi-language web pages enter all the language texts in each of the jAlbum text fields, for example in the 'Album title' field enter:

Sample Portfolio[cy]Portffolio Sampl[de]Beispiel-Portfolio

The above example uses English, Welsh and German texts with any other included languages defaulting to english text.

The language selected when the album is 'made' will be the language shown on loading the webpages. Text without a preceding language code will be shown for all included languages that do not have a specific translation.

To add more language options add a file to the skin's texts folder and a 16 by 16 pixel flag graphic in png format, to skin's res folder (try Then reload the skin and the new language will appear in the supported languages popup list. Remember to ensure all the text keys in the existing languages are included in the new language file, if not the webpages may fail to work.

Support for this skin is via the 'Other Skins' forum.



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