Reuse sub folders in jalbum

This tutorial will show you how to use one folder several times in the same album to save space both on the computer and on the server when the album is uploaded. This can be useful if you want the same folder to appear in several sub folders in your album. When you add the folder to all subfolders in the normal way, that folder exist multiple times in the album and that makes the album becomes unnecessarily large. If you instead link to the folder in the sub folders, the folder will only exist in one place, but it will be sown it several sub folder.

Note that the space saved relates only to avoiding duplication of the original images, thumbnail and, if included, slide images are still created per subfolder in the generated album.

Step 1. Open your project

Open an existing project fromt he recent projects list to the left or create a new project.

Step 2. Add the folder that you want to use in several sub folders


Make sure you are in the main folder in the project, you can click on the project name in the list to the left to make sure. You could add the folder anywhere within the project but I suggest you add it here since it makes the folder structure easier to understand.


To add a new folder you can click the "new folder"-button in the top menu or right click anywhere and select New folder, now name the folder.

Add images to the folder by drag and drop to the folder from the file system or open the folder in jAlbum and click the "add"-button.

Step 3. Link to the folder in the sub folders


Double click on the path shown in the image above to open the folder in the file system. Keep this file system window open while you switch to the jAlbum window again.


Open one of the sub folders you want to add this folder to. In this example I will add the folder called Folder to reuse to Nature and Travel. I will start with Nature. I open the Nature folder in jAlbum and then I open the file system window again and I just drag and drop the folder to jAlbum.


When you drop the folder, a pop up will appear, select Link in this window.

If this window doesn't appear you can go to preferences (ctrl+,) -> Explorer and change "When adding files" to "Ask". When it's set to "ask", you can remove the added file and just drag and drop it again.


The image to the right shows the Folder to reuse when it has been added to Nature-folder.

Note that the folder has a small arrow in the bottom left corner, this means that the folder is linked. When the folder is linked it means that the folder is actually stored somewhere else. In this case the folder is stored in the main folder of this project "Sample portfolio". You can read more about linking Here

Now, just do the same for the other sub folder you want to add the folder to. In this case, I will also add it to Travel.

Step 3. Exclude Folder to reuse from the main folder


When you have added your folder in all sub folders you want it to appear in you can go back to the main folder in your project. If you want the folder to be visible in the main folder (on the index page) you don't have to do anything more. But if you don't want it to be visible there you need to exclude it. Right click the folder and select "Exclude".

Make the album and preview the result!

You have now stored one folder in the main folder and then linked to this folder in the other sub folders. The folder is excluded in the main folder so that it can only be seen in the sub folders!