Publish to your own site

Step 1 and 2 below only need to be performed the first time you upload to a new website.

If you do not want your album listed on your jAlbum profile pages make sure you sign out out of the application before uploading.

1. Set up an account profile for your web site


jAlbum can upload albums to any server that supports one of the common protocols ftp, ftps, ftpes and sftp. For each server and site you intend to upload to, you set up an "account profile".

Go to "upload/manage" and add a new account profile.


The upload window opens, listing existing account profiles. Press Add and then select Use an existing account on other server and press ok.


Enter the connection type (protocol), server name, username and password. If you don't know what to enter here, ask those who run the web server for you. The server name is usually of the form or

Finally press Connect.

2. Verify your web root folder and address

Chosen web root folder and web address

You should now be connected to your ftp server and see a list of the folders of your account. jAlbum will attempt to identify which of these folders holds the files for your web site, the so called "Web root" folder. This is done to ensure that you only upload albums that are accessible via the web. The detected folder will be indicated with a small globe icon next to it. On some servers, the root of the account is the web root, but it is also common to see sub folders like "www" or "public_html" holding the web files. jAlbum will also try to guess the web address of your site. You will see what jAlbum is guessing in the address field at the bottom of the window.

If either of these auto detections fails, jAlbum will display an error message and ask you to right click the folder that represents the root of your web site and select "Mark as web root". You will now be asked to confirm or correct the web address of your site.

Dialog indicating that jAlbum can't detect the folder that represents your web site

3. Choose target folder


jAlbum usually suggests a folder location for the album on your server. If it doesn't just select the folder where to create the album folder and click the New album directory button.

It's very important that all albums on your website are placed inside sub folders. If you publish directly to the web root (by selecting it as the target instead of a subfolder) the album will overwrite existing content on the website. If that is what you really want to do you will need to confirm that that is your intention.


4. Upload

When you're ready, hit Upload. To make jAlbum remember this location for future updates to this album, save the project before quitting jAlbum.