Publish to your account

You can upload your albums to if you've signed up for the 30 days storage trial or purchased a Premium or Power account. This is how you do it!

1. Upload your album

First, make sure you have made an album and that you are signed in to the application. If you did not sign in when you started the jAlbum desktop application, click on the Sign in button in the top left corner and then Make the album again.


Now upload your album by clicking the Upload button.


In this window you can add privacy settings before uploading, the privacy settings are password protection and you can hide the album on your profile page.


Click OK to start the upload.

2. You're done! What's next?

Your album is now online and it's time to show off your fine work. After publishing you can click on the "open in external browser" symbol to check out the album in your standard browser.


Finally, go to the share tab in jalbum to share your album on and other social networks.


After the album has been published you just have to click "Share on" and then the album will appear on the recent album page.

You can manage your published albums on your User pages on