Notes / Users:kmistelberger / Workflow

  • Insert memory card into card reader and select "Download photos with digiKam". Set default folder for download, e.g. /home/Albums/Bilder/2019
  • convert .fit: for i in $(find -newer AA2E3833.FIT -name '*.FIT') ; do gpsbabel -i garmin_fit -f $i -o gpx -F ${i%FIT}gpx ; touch -r $i ${i%FIT}gpx; done
  • geotag pictures using digiKam
  • create maps at
  • link downloaded map files, e.g.: for i in $(find /home/Albums/Bilder/2019/2019-05-* -name '*.html') ; do ln -f $i ${i%/*}/Karte.htt ; done
  • exclude items, annotate folders, make album /home/Albums/Bilder using jAlbum only.
  • Upload album to