Manage album privacy on jAlbum hosted albums

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There are two ways to manage your album privacy if you upload your albums to You can hide the albums on your profile page or you can password protect the albums. You can even choose to only password protect subfolders. Learn how to do that here! To be even more safe, you both hide the album and use password protection at the same time

1. Hide the album


When the album is hidden, no one but you can see the album on your profile page. You need to be signed in to your account to see it. A hidden album has the text Hidden on the thumbnail. A hidden album can only be accessed with a direct link to the album, for example: Portfolio

1.1 Hiding new albums

Press the upload button and then click on the privacy button in the upload window. Untick the checkbox Visible on profile page in the privacy window. If you want all your future albums to also be hidden you can press the button Save as default.

Press OK in both windows and the album will now be hidden on your profile page when it's uploaded!


1.2 Hiding already published albums

Start by signing in to

Then hover the mouse over the album you want to hide, select "Edit album". Then change Who can see the album? to Only me and press Save.


2 Password protect the album

You can also password protect your albums if you publish to your jAlbum account (if you are publishing to your own site, you need to ask your hosting provider how to enable password protection for folders).

Password protection is great if you want to be sure no one can access the albums. Or maybe you just want a few people that knows the password to be able to see it. If you want you can even hide your password protected album.

2.1 Password protect new albums

Start the jAlbum application and create a new album or open an existing project. Upload the album by clicking the Upload button and then click the privacy button. Now enter your password and click OK. Please note that passwords are case sensitive – "MySecret" is not the same as "mysecret".


2.2 Password protect already published albums


Start by signing in to

Then hover your mouse over the album you want to add password protection to and select "Edit album".


Tick the checkbox and enter your password and press Save.