Making an album of albums with web locations

If you have lots of albums and would like to have them linked to each other then you can easily make an 'Album of Albums' using skins that support web locations.

This method links albums but does not support skin features such as search functions etc. You will not be able to search subalbums from the the index page of the 'master' album.

Create a new project for your main album and then add web locations for each of the albums you want to link together. To add a web location open a web browser and navigate to one of your albums, if there is no icon shown click in the address bar.

1 select browser url.png

2 click on browser icon.png

Click on the icon and drag it to jAlbum. If you want a different image to represent the album hover the mouse over the web location and click on 'More' and then 'Edit'. You can use an image on your computer by clicking on the folder icon and navigating to it, or paste in a web address to the image, click on the image's 'Update' button to see the new image. Continue adding or editing web locations for your other albums.

Note, Web locations support the use of absolute or relative URLs, to use a relative address you need to manually enter the relative path. A relative path must start with a dot (.) or a forward slash (/). You can copy and paste the path but you can't use drag and drop.

3 drag icon to jalbum.png 4 drop icon onto jalbum.png 5 select more and then edit.png 6 change the image if you want.png

You can also add web locations by adding a 'New page' and selecting 'Web location', then copy and paste the full URL from the browser to jAlbum.

9 add web location.png 10 add web location settings.png

If the main album has no other content, except for web pages such as About, Contact etc. you can use some unconventional settings to keep this project and its album size down to a minimum. This is true provided the skin used links thumbnail images to the albums and not to slide pages that then link to the albums

Click on the "Settings' button and then on the 'Pages' icon and set linking to 'Link to originals' and then deselect both 'Copy originals' and 'Make slides'.

7 setting to make a minimal content album.png

Click on 'Make album' and when you get the warning 'The created album will contain links to original files outside the output director!…!' Click 'OK' as in this special case the warning can be ignored. When the build has finished preview your 'Album of albums'.

8 ignor the warning.png

When ready to upload it, it will have an index.html, the necessary res items, a collection of thumbnails and nothing else.