License and source code

The generic parts of the jAlbum application (all non se.datadosen.jalbum packages) are available as open source under the liberal LGPL license. The core jAlbum classes are however not open source.

The code that makes up jAlbum can roughly be divided into these these groups:

  • jAlbum specific code (the se.datadosen.jalbum package)
  • General resusable components (all other se.datadosen... packages)
  • General reusable 3:rd party components

The LGPL license allows developers to utilize free open source components in non-commercial and commercial projects without being forced to open their source or pay royalties to the initial developers. Improvements made to the initial components should however be passed to the initial developer(s) without any claims. This ensures that the improvements made reaches other developers that also use said component.

We are very much in favor of this concept and have been able to make use of several high quality 3:rd party components that are under this license. It therefore feels natural to also provide the general reusable components written for jAlbum as open source under the LGPL license.


Download general jAlbum application source code