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Edit Mode


JAlbum>Explore>Contextual menus>Between thumbnails>Edit

JAlbum>Explore>Contextual menus>On thumbnails>Edit

The mode of operation used to edit a particular file or folder within your project.

Edit skin files

JAlbum>Menus>Tools>External tools>Skin developer>Edit skin files SHIFT + CMD/CNTRL + E

Opens the skin files in jAlbum's text editor.

Edit skin properties

JAlbum>Menus>Tools>External tools>Skin developer>Edit skin properties ALT/OPT + S

Opens a window where you can edit the skin properties.

Edit Video

jAlbum>Edit>Video>Video editing

Video editing.

Editing MP4 Videos

jAlbum>Edit>Video>Editing MP4 videos

MP4 video editing.

Editing RAW files

jAlbum>Edit>Edit RAW files

RAW file editing.



JAlbum>Explore>Contextual menus>On thumbnails>effects

jAlbum>Edit>Image editing (toolbar)>2.10 Effects

"Effects" are image filters that are applied to scaled, but not to original, images of an album.

Email Notifications


Emails sent to the email address you used to register your jAlbum account

Embed album


JAlbum>Share>Embed album

JAlbum>Explore>Projects pane>Contextual Menu >Embed_album

Generates an embedding code, to embed the album on your website.

Empty project

JAlbum>Explore>Projects pane>Empty project

Use the empty project to create a brand new project.



Set the document encoding, affects the range of characters that can be used.

Encrypt manifest file

jAlbum>Preferences>Publishing>Paranoia>Encrypt manifest file

Stop people reading what files are in your album

You can read more about the manifest file here


jAlbum>Edit>Image editing (toolbar)>2.8 Enhance

Improve the colours, contrast and levels of the image.


jAlbum>Edit>Image editing (toolbar)>Exclude

JAlbum>Explore>Exclude/Include object

JAlbum>Explore>Contextual menus>On thumbnails>Exclude

JAlbum>Settings>Advanced>General>Ignore pattern


JAlbum>Settings>Effects>Excluding an image

More on image filters>Excluding an image

Keeps the object in the project but does not include it in the album/include it in filter manipulations

Exclude new images by default

jAlbum>Settings>Advanced>General>Exclude new images by default

Files added to a folder are normally included in the next album build, this prevents them from being included.

EXIF Image Desc.

jAlbum>Settings>Advanced>Metadata>Comment sources>EXIF Image Desc.

Include exif image data as a comment source.

EXIF user

jAlbum>Settings>Advanced>Metadata>Comment sources>EXIF user

Include exif user data as a comment source.

Explore mode



The mode used to navigate, add, rename and move files and folders within your project.

External (Preview)


Preview album in external browser.

External Tools

jAlbum>Menu>External tools

Bundled and downloadable scripts that perform specific functions, such as batch make album and reset jAlbum to factory defaults.

External tools from the forum

Additional tools and plugins that perform various functions from the forum