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This page provides information on jAlbum Groups, how to create, join group and invite people to join a group you belong to.

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The Groups page is accessible from the forum's 'Community' menu.

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The page lists featured and recent group activities. You can browse the groups by clicking on a thumbnail or search for groups with a specific theme, like landscape for example.

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It is also possible to create your own group on this page, just click on the 'Create group' button and fill in the popup form; you need to provide a group name and description and decide if the group is to be private or public. If you choose a group name already in use you will be asked to either try joining that group or choose another name.

Group pages

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A Group's home page features a description of the group, who created it, it's members and albums associated with it and a summary of recent additions and discussions within the group. You can focus on each section using the pages buttons for 'Albums', 'Discussions' and 'Members'.

If you want to join a group just click on the 'Join group' button and you will instantly become a member of it. Once you are a member of the group you can add any of your existing albums, that fit it's theme, to the group or invite (a new 'Invite' button will appear) other members of the jAlbum community to join it. You can only invite people who are 'following you' from here, but see below on how to invite anyone.

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You can share any public group with anyone, just click the 'Share group' button and decide how you want to share it, email, Facebook or Twitter.

More create and Invite methods

From your profile page select the 'Activity' tab and then click on 'Groups'.

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You can now click on the 'Create group' to make a new group.

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To invite people who do not follow you, you need to go to their jAlbum profile page and click on the 'Invite to group' button, you then need to select the group you want from the list of groups you are a member of.

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