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This page shows the albums you have published either to jAlbum.net or attached to your profile page > site to your jAlbum account from an external website. Externally hosted albums need to be attached to your account for certain features to work, widgets for example. You can Add, Edit certain settings and Share your albums on this page. Albums published here will have a gold star icon a the top left of the thumbnail image. The gold star is to make it obvious it is a new album, it will disappear after a day.

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Create new album

This will take you to the online version of jAlbum, handy if you are using a mobile device but want to quickly upload a few images.

Add external album

Albums Add External.png

Opens up a dialogue so you can navigate to your album that is not hosted on jAlbum.net. This allows jAlbum to provide additional functionality such as including widgets. You need to enter the full path to the website and give the album a title, you can also give it an optional description. Once the album path has been entered you can choose an image from the album to act as the thumbnail for it. Once you are happy with everything just click on the tick to add the album.

Note, if an external album is moved then you need to delete the existing thumbnail and replace it with a new one, there is no way to edit the address

Share on blog

Albums Share Blog Etc.png

This will help you promote your albums on blog sites by adding a 'badge' featuring thumbnails from your albums. You can chose the style of the badge, give it a title and, under the advanced options set the width of the badge and the number of albums to include. Once you have made all your choices just click on one of the icons to get the code needed to paste into your blog.

Actions on albums

Move your cursor over an album thumbnail and a menu will pop-up, allowing you to edit the album properties, delete or share it.

Edit album

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You will now be able to make changes to your album's settings.

Change thumbnail

Album Change Thumbnail.png

You can change the album's thumbnail image by clicking the top right corner of the image. A dialogue box will open allowing you to choose a new thumbnail from within the album or by pointing to a new one from your site. You can also change the description of your album by editing the text below the large thumbnail image.


Albums Settings Edit.png

Who can see this album

You can prevent the album from being seen by other users by selecting 'Only me', instead of the default of everyone. You can see which albums are hidden from other users as they have the word 'Hidden' over the thumbnail.
Password protected albums have a padlock icon over a generic thumbnail icon.

Albums Password Protected.png

You can also set a password for the whole album, if you want to restrict access on a folder by folder basis see Manage Album Privacy

Tag this album

You can add up to five meta tags for each album. Contribute to this page if you know more about tagging album pages!

Mobile settings

By default jAlbum hosted albums using non-responsive designs will be presented in a standard format (skin) when visitors use small mobile devices such as phones. If you would rather them see the album using the skin you selected then tick this box. For skins that are tagged by the skin developer as 'responsive' this option is automatically deselected when you are signed in and the album is uploaded to jAlbum.net

For the standard mobile version to work you must have Settings->Advanced->Metadata->Generate Media RSS feed turned on

If new skins have the "Responsive" feature checked, then albums made with them will not have the mobile wrapper applied. When the album is added to your profile the client sends the name of the skin as a parameter, so it doesn't rely on the widget code. The name of the skin is, however, not updated if the album later changes skin.

The mobile settings can be turn off for all albums by going to your ‘Settings’ page and unchecking the (enable) global mobile settings.

Share album now

Offers a variety of ways of sharing your published albums such as simply as emailing a link to sharing on social media sites. You can also add your album to a jAlbum 'Group', either one you have joined or created.

Select widgets

Lets you manage widgets, if enabled. You can see a list of skins that support widgets by going here and selecting ‘jAlbum widget support’. You can read more about widgets here

Delete album

Album Delete Dialogue.png

You can delete published albums, selecting this with jAlbum hosted albums will result in a dialogue window asking for confirmation as this cannot be undone. If the album is hosted on your own server it will of course just delete the link to it and not the actual album.
Deleted albums may still appear (with a broken link) in search results on jAlbum’s Explore Albums page for eight hours or more.


This brings up the same sharing window as in the editing section, 'Share now' above.