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Users Activity Page

This page provides an overview of recent activity for both your account and the jAlbum community. The number in the 'Activity' tab shows how many messages you have in your inbox.

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Activity News Recently Liked Albums.png

News is the default selection on entering this page, it shows thumbnails for recently liked albums within the community, clicking on a thumbnail will take you to that album. You can also click on the users name below the thumbnail to be taken to their profile page. Clicking on the 'view more' button will take you to Explore Popular Albums page.

Activity Notifications.png

To the right of the thumbnails is a notification box showing how many messages are in your inbox and guestbook. Clicking on the inbox will take yo to your messages, you can read or reply to your messages or create a new one by clicking on 'New Message'. Doing so opens up a standard webpage email form with 'To', 'Subject' and 'Message' boxes. Clicking on the guestbook will take you to your Profile page, where your guestbook is located.

Below the albums recently liked by the community there are other items of activity arranged in with the latest at the top and older ones below. You can see the avatar of the user and visit the album or their profile page.

Activity Recently Liked Groups.png

Activity Messages Recent.png

For any recent messages in your inbox, If you click on 'reply' you will be shown any previous messages related to the post and a text box allowing you to compose your reply. Clicking on the user's name or avatar will take you to their profile page.

At the bottom of the page is a button 'View more', clicking it will load more recent activity which will be a mixture of albums and messages - older items appearing at the end of the list.


Activity Groups.png

Clicking on the 'Groups' button (these texts to to buttons on moving the cursor over them) will take you to a page showing just the corpus you have joined. Click on any thumbnail, taken from the group's theme image, to be taken to that group's page. You will then be able to see members of the group, albums within it and activities such as discussions

Group Page.png


Activity Likes.png

This page lists all the albums you have marked as 'like'. Moving the cursor over the thumbnail will give you three actions to choose from:

Remove like - if you no longer appreciate the album's content.
Comment - Go to the user's profile page and leave a comment about the album.
Share - tell others about this album.

Clicking on the thumbnail itself will take you to the user's album page, clicking on the user's name or avatar will take you to their profile page.

You can like/unlike, comment and share albums from the user's profile and album pages too. If you have liked an album of another user you will appear as a 'fan' of theirs on their profile page.


Activity Follows.png

This page list all of the people you have 'followed'. Clicking on their avatar or name will take you to their profile page. If you move your cursor over the thumbnail area you will be able to stop following them or send them a private message.

Activity Followers.png

Clicking on 'Followers' will give you a list of any people that have elected to follow you. You can go to their profile page by clicking on their name or avatar . If you move your cursor over the thumbnail area you will be able to send them a message or, if you are not already doing so, follow them.


Activity Blog.png

The last element on this page is the blog box, this shows the most recent jAlbum blog article, the date of the post is shown along with the title and an image from the post. There is a short description of what the blog is about, click on 'Read more', the title or image to go to the blog page for the full story.