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Note, Currently the large review images do not show any filter effects applied in Edit mode, e.g. grey scale, text.

You can enter review mode from Menu/Tools/Review, by using the contextual menu between thumbnails in explore view, by keyboard short cut SHIFT + CMD/Cntrl + F or by selecting an image or multiple images (including dragging and dropping new images) and pressing the space bar. Review mode requires images to be visible in explore mode, if only folders are shown the review screen will have no content at all!

When in review mode you can access this help page by pressing the F1 function key - there is no help '?' icon. Review mode lets you examine larger versions of your images, or video 'still frame preview', than in explore mode and change the star rating and labels; mark an item as the folder image or exclude/remove an image from your project.

Note, if at any time you press the spacebar to enter review mode but don't then you will have set the 'focus' of the GUI to some element other than the explore pane, for example the skin selector in which case what you will then see is the preview image of the skin's album 'look'. To avoid this just click anywhere in the explore mode pane.

Review Multiple.png

When you first enter review mode a thumbnail strip of the image(s) within the current folder is shown for a few seconds before it is hidden, any images selected in explore mode will be selected in the thumbnail strip too. To reveal the thumbnail strip at any time move your cursor to the bottom of your screen, move it up again to hide it once more.

If more than six images are selected only the first six will be shown in the review window. To show any more of the 'selected' images you must deselect one of the earlier images in the thumbnail strip, the images will shuffle left and the next image in the sequence will be shown as the last of the six. Use the CMD/CNTRL or SHIFT keys to control which images are added or removed when clicking on the thumbnail, use SHIFT + left/right arrow keys to select/deselect contiguous thumbnails. If there are too many images in the folder to display on the thumbnail strip you can display the rest of the thumbnails by clicking on the first/last visible thumbnail and then using the left/right arrow keys.

Clicking on a single thumbnail will obviously deselect all of the other selected thumbnails and return you to a single image view, other methods are to use of the up/down/left/right keys. In addition if there are two or more images displayed you can click on the '1' icon, which replaces the single image navigation icons, to switch back to a single image - the one clicked on, of course. Finally you can hover over a 'review' image and press the spacebar or double click the image.

Use the ESC key or, if a single image is displayed, click on the 'thumbnail grid' icon to exit review mode. When exiting review mode all images currently selected for review will be selected in explore mode, so you could mark images for removal then select all images marked for removal from the project making it is easy to delete those images in one go - no need to delete them one at a time.

If you have applied any star, label or keyword filter in explore mode then review mode will only display images from the currently visible thumbnails, that is the hidden images are not included in the thumbnail strip.

Note, if the filter bar is not shown use Cmd/Ctrl + F or click on the filer icon in the Toolbar to show it

Review Single.png

To rate the image either click on the star icons or use the keys 0 to 5, for none to five star. To mark the image as the folder's thumbnail image click on the heart icon or press the 'T' key. To label the image click on the small square to the right of the heart icon until you get the colour required or press the 6 to 9 keys to select a specific colour, use the 'F key to toggle through the label variations - including none!. To exclude an image click on the '-' icon or press the '-' key. If you want to delete the image click on the trash can icon, you will get a confirmation dialogue pop up, to prevent accidental deletions. Keyboard shortcuts will apply to the active image - the active image has brighter icons/text, the inactive is duller.

Note, when the thumbnail bar is visible keyboard shortcuts 0 to 9 and '-' affect all selected thumbnails

When reviewing just a single image you have access to navigation buttons for first image, previous image, exit to explore mode, next image and last image - all are top centre of the screen. The file name of the image is shown at the bottom left of the screen.

To zoom in on an image either use the ‘zoom’ control at the bottom right of the image - visible only when the thumbnail strip is hidden. Alternatively SHIFT/ALT/OPT/CMD clicking on the image to toggle between fit to screen and full size, when using a modified click on the image it will zoom in around the area clicked on, if the whole image does not fit within the display area, in the same relative position as before zooming.

Review Double.png

If in explore mode if you have selected two images then both will be shown side by side. This is ideal for comparing two images of the same subject to make culling your images easy. For example you can zoom in on both images to compare the focus and/or noise and thus keep the best image and reject the other.