JAlbum / Project Gallery


This window can be opened from 'Menu/File/Project Gallery…', keyboard shortcut 'CMD/CTRL + G' or by clicking on the 'four squares' icon above the 'Recent projects' list



The project gallery can display projects in the 'Recent list' or the 'My albums' folder, click on the triangle to select the location of choice, the default is 'Recent projects'. If the location is changed from the default it remains as set until jAlbum is quit or the location is changed again.



The window provides an album preview image of all projects that have been processed, that is they have an 'album' output; projects without an output are shown using the root folder's 'thumbnail' image. If a project without an album is subsequently made the 'thumbnail' image will be replaced with the 'album' image, either when the project gallery is reopened or if left open by 'reloading' the image (see context menu below) or simply by 'selecting' the project.

You can change the order of the gallery images by clicking on the 'order by' dropdown menu, you can order them by how the recent projects are shown, alphabetically a-z or z-a. Note that changing the order of the gallery does not affect the order of the 'Recent projects' list. You can navigate to specific project(s) by typing the first letter/number of the project's name, if more than one project starts with that letter/number then the selection will cycle round them with each press of that key.

There are two buttons, OK and Cancel. OK will close the window leaving you in 'explore' mode with the selected project active. Cancel closes the window and returns you to the original project. Double clicking a preview image will select that project and close the window, while SHIFT or ALT/OPT + double clicking opens the project but leaves the gallery open.

Contextual menu

There is also a context sensitive menu by right clicking on a preview which allows you to open the project and close the gallery window, reload the images - to replace a project's thumbnail image with an album preview - or preview the album in the browser window (if it has been made!) leaving the gallery window open..