JAlbum / MultiMaker


Multi maker

multi-maker.png jAlbum's Multi Maker allows you easily submit multiple projects to be made and optionally uploaded in the background while you continue using jAlbum as normal. You can alternatively drag and drop a folder containing project files or a text file with a list of paths to the project files to be made. Once you've submitted the desired projects for processing, the MultiMaker window can be closed. Once a project has been processed successfully, the dates for "Last made" or "Last uploaded" turns green. jAlbum also reports the result for each processed project as notifications on the main window. Note, local previews and opening of uploaded albums in a browser options, even if set in preview preferences, are not initiated by Multimaker.

When uploading a new album, even as a background task, you will be asked to confirm the upload location is correct before uploading commences. Subsequent uploads of that album will continue as normal.

You can use 'Select-as-you-type' to select a project. Just type the first, or a few of the letters in the filename to have the target project selected.


jAlbum's notification center (the megaphone button) lists the final results

Monitor and control progress

Projects that are queued for processing or in processing are listed in the tasks panel of jAlbums' main window. The tasks panel can be opened by clicking the progress bar of jAlbum's progress manager component, located to the right of jAlbum's status bar in the bottom-right corner of jAlbum's window. progressManager.png jAlbum's progress manager component with the tasks panel opened

Should you wish to pause or abort a task, just use the pause and abort buttons for the respective task. Tasks are processed in a "first-come-first-served" manner, but "make" and "upload" tasks are processed simultaneously as they don't compete for the same computer resources so you may see multiple progress bars in the tasks panel. "make+upload" tasks are however scheduled sequentially so that the "make" part is executed first, then the "upload part. If the "make" part of a "make+uplaod" task is aborted, then the upload part is also aborted.


The MultiMaker allows you to submit the following actions for background processing:

  • "Make in background" - The project is being queued for being made in the background
  • "Make and upload in background" - The project is being queued for being made, followed by uploaded in the background
  • "Upload in background" - The project is being uploaded in the background. To ensure that the project is uploaded to the right location, do an ordinary foreground upload, then save the project settings

Holding down the ALT/OPT key and then clicking on a make/make and upload will do a 'Force-make'

Table columns

The main table features the following set of sortable columns. Click the headers to sort the whole table by that column:

  • Name - The project's name
  • Skin - The project's skin
  • Style - The project's style
  • Last made - The date when this project was last made. Turns green when made ok
  • Last published - The date when this project was last uploaded. Turns green when uploaded ok

Context menu

Right-click any table row to bring up a context menu for that corresponding project. The menu has the following items:

  • Apply current settings - the current jAlbum settings will be applied, and saved, to all selected project.
  • Make in background - Make that project in background
  • Make and upload background - Make and upload that project in background
  • Upload in background - Upload that project in background
  • Open project - opens that project within jAlbum's main user interface
  • View local album - View the local album in your preferred browser
  • View published album - View the final uploaded album in your preferred browser

Button panel

The buttons in the bottom button panel submits the selected projects for background make, make+upload and upload respectively. There's also a close button to close the MultiMaker, however, closing the MultiMaker does not affect the submitted tasks.


File menu

  • Open project list file - Select a text file, listing one project file path per line. The MultiMaker will then be populated with those projects. You can alternatively drag and drop such a "project list" file onto the MultiMaker

View menu

  • Clear list - Remove all projects from list
  • Restore list - Restore the project list to reflect the recent projects list