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Web location

jAlbum>Explore>The toolbar>New page>Web location

Web location lets you link to pages published to the web, so you can link to other albums.

Web locations editing

jAlbum>Edit>Web locations editing

Web location editing.

webP quality

jAlbum>Settings>Images>General>webP quality

affects image quality and file size of webP formatted images.

Web proxy settings

jAlbum>Preferences>Advanced>Web proxy settings

Configure proxy server settings.

Welcome to jAlbum

Welcome to jAlbum

A quick overview of jAlbum, view modes, projects, settings, skins and more.

Projects pane>Bundled project

One of two sample projects to get you going with jAlbum.



Widgets are small JavaScript code snippets that make your album interactive.



The main windows within the application



JAlbum>Project Gallery



System Console

Wrap in folder

Menus>View>Organise>Wrap in folder ALT/OPT + CMD/CNTRL + W

JAlbum>Explore>Organise>Wrap in folder

This lets you put objects into a folder.

Write UTF-8

jAlbum>Settings>Advanced>General>Encoding>Write UTF-8

HTML pages are generated with UTF-8 encoding.

Write webP

jAlbum>Settings>Images>Advanced>Write webp

Convert album images to the webP format.

Write xmp metadata to files

jAlbum>Preferences>General>Write xmp metadata to files

Write comments, keywords etc. to the images in your project.