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jAlbum>Edit>View and edit properties>Variables

Variables used in the skin code to produce albums. Some skins provide easy access to these variables, such as title, label and filename.

Variables (advanced video)

jAlbum>Settings>Videos>Advanced Settings>Variables

Variables that control video processing.



Variants are multiple copies of images, scaled to provide small images to mobile phones, medium sized images to tablets and large images for desktop devices.

Developers, with jAlbum 24 to 28.1 only For debugging use only! For help with debugging variants by adding a text overlay of variant sizes to images see:


jAlbum>Preferences>General>Logging level

Running jAlbum from the command line> -DdebugVariants

Video Settings)

jAlbum>Settings>Videos>Video Settings

Video settings.

Video support

jAlbum>Preferences>Advanced>Video support

Reprocess videos as mp4.

View Address bar

View Address bar

Show, or hide, the project's address bar in the explore window

View Filter bar

View Filter bar CMD/CNTRL + F

Show, or hide, the filter bar in explore view

View Label type

View label type

Select, from filename, title, comments or keywords, information to be shown in explore mode.

View large thumbnails

View Large thumbnails

Increase the thumbnail size in explore view.

View mode

The different ways of displaying and interacting with projects and their contents. The view modes are Edit, Explore, Preview, Review and Share.

View modes

jAlbum>Welcome>View modes

JAlbum>View modes




The different ways of viewing projects and albums.