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JAlbum>Explore>Contextual menus>On thumbnails>Rating

RAW file editing

jAlbum>Edit>RAW>RAW file Editing

RAW file editing.

Recent Projects


Jalbum>preferences>General>Recent Projects

A list of the projects that you have recently opened.




jAlbum>Edit>Image editing (toolbar)>2.11 Undo

Multiple level undo and redo for many operations (move, rename etc).

Regular expressions

Settings>Advanced>General>Ignore pattern


Regular expressions are a means of finding, manipulating and/or replacing text

Reload skin

JAlbum>Menus>Tools>Skin developer>Reload skin CMD/CNTRL + R

Reload the current skin.

Remember last selected item

Jalbum>Preferences>Explorer>Remember last selected item

When a project opens the location of the last selected object, when the project was last closed, will be selected.

Remember last window position and size

Jalbum>preferences>General>Remember last window position and size

Application will open in the same position and at the same window size as used in the previous session


JAlbum>Explore>Projects pane>Contextual Menu >Rename

Rename the current project.

Rename/Rename items

JAlbum>Explore>Projects pane>Contextual Menu >Rename/Rename items

Rename selected objects

Rename slide variables

JAlbum>Menus>Tools>External tools>Rename slide variables

Change the names of user variables.

Replace spaces with dashes

JAlbum>Menus>Tools>External tools>Replace spaces with dashes

Reset Jalbum to factory default

JAlbum>Menus>Tools>External tools>Reset Jalbum to factory defaults

Resets jAlbum settings as though it was a new installation.

Res Folder

A directory that forms part of a skin and which is copied across to the album during the album build process. It can also be used in the project directory were it's files will overwrite or add to the albums res folder.

jAlbum>Where are my files>User Files & Folders

Reset file date to camera date

JAlbum>Menus>Tools>External tools>Reset file date to camera date

Reset the file date of all image files under the image directory to the camera (EXIF) date.

Reset folder date to last file date

JAlbum>Menus>Tools>External tools>Reset folder date to last file date

Reset the date of each folder in your album to the date of the most recent image file or sub folder.

Restore projects...

jAlbum>Menu>File>Restore projects...

Restore projects from a backup file.

Restore Previous Settings

Jalbum>preferences>Projects>Restore previous settings

Applies to skins that supply a hints.jap file and when ‘Use layout hints’ is selected.


JAlbum>Menus>Review SHIFT + CMD/CNTRL + F


JAlbum>Explore>Contextual menus>Between thumbnails>Review.

JAlbum>Explore>Contextual menus>On thumbnails>Review

Opens a full screen slideshow of the project's images, letting you grade or rate your images.


Rotate left/right

jAlbum>Explore>The toolbar>Rotate left/right

jAlbum>Edit>The_toolbar/2.3 Rotate

Rotate object left or right by 90 degrees.


jAlbum>Settings>Pages>Thumbnail layout>Rows

Controls how many rows of thumbnails appear on a page.

Running jAlbum from the command line

Running Jalbum from the command line

Jalbum without the Graphical User Interface.