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Naming of files and folders

The characters not to use for file and folder names.

Naming of files and folders



In edit mode, moving from image to image and back to explore view

New folder

JAlbum>Explore>Toolbar>New folder

JAlbum>Explore>Contextual menus>Between thumbnails>New Folder

Add a new folder to the project.

New page

JAlbum>Explore>Toolbar>New page

JAlbum>Explore>Contextual menus>Between thumbnails>New page

Add a page template, like About, or a webLocation.

New Project

Menu>File>New Project CMD/CNTRL + N

Opens the 'New Project' window where you can enter a name, add tags and and write a description.



A text area for making notes, or reminders, on the current project.

Notification center

jAlbum > Welcome > Notification center

Notifies you when there is a new jAlbum update, skin update, when the account is about to expire and a lot of other things.

Number of Threads

jAlbum>Preferences>Advanced>Number of Threads

How many images and slide pages that will be processed simultaneously.