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Make Album

Menus>Album>Make Album F9

JAlbum>Welcome>Make Album

JAlbum>Explore>Projects pane>Contextual Menu>Make album

Takes your project and turns it into an album.

Make in background

Explore>Make album>Make in background

Make the selected project as a background process.

Make and upload in background

Explore>Make album>Make and upload in background

Make the selected project as a background process

Make slide pages

jAlbum>Settings>Pages>Image linking from thumbnails>Make pages

Slide pages allow for navigation between the main images for non JavaScript based skins

Make Test

Menus>Album>Make Test ALT/OPT + F9

JAlbum>Welcome>Make Test

Makes a temporary album to test changes.

Main Menu


The bar along the top of the screen (or application window for Windows users) that contains the application’s menus.

Manifest password

jAlbum>Preferences>Publishing>Manifest password

Encrypt the manifest file - password can not be recovered or reset

You can read more about the manifest file here

Max simultaneous transfers

jAlbum>Preferences>Publishing>Max simultaneous transfers

Increasing the number increases the upload speed. lowering the number can improve connectivity


The Menus of jAlbum



JAlbum>Menus File





Mirror existing

jAlbum>Settings>Structure>Mirror existing

Use the same folder structure as the source..


JAlbum>Explore>File attributes>Modified

Date the object was last modified

Monitor and control progress

Monitor and control progress

Projects that are queued for processing or in processing are listed in the tasks panel of jAlbums' main window.

Multi maker...


jAlbum>Menus>Tools>Multi maker...

jAlbum>Welcome>Multi maker...

My Albums location

This is the default location in which new projects (root image directories) will be added.

jAlbum>Preferences>Projects>Projects directory