JAlbum / Glossary / I


Ignore pattern

jAlbum>Settings>Advanced>General>Ignore pattern

Lets you automatically exclude files and folders based on their names and/or regular expressions.

Illegal characters

Jalbum>Welcome>Web-safe file names

JAlbum>Preferences>Projects>Illegal characters

Illegal characters are those that are not allowed in file or folder names, generally these will be characters that your operating system does not allow, or are not valid in URLs.

Image bounds

jAlbum>Settings>Images>General>Image bounds

Set dimension limits for slide images.

Image directory

JAlbum>Menu>Tools>Open directories>Image directory SHIFT + CMD/CNTRL + I

jAlbum>Settings>General>Image directory

At the root level of a project, this is the directory that contains all of your project files, also known as the 'Project directory', the default location is set in “My Albums location”.

Image editing (toolbar)

JAlbum>Edit>Image editing (toolbar)

The toolbar for editing images in edit mode

Image filters


More about image filters

JAlbum>Settings>Advanced>User Variables

Filters to apply effects to images.

Image linking from thumbnails

jAlbum>Settings>Pages>Image linking from thumbnails

Thumbnails link to scaled-down, or original images.

Image ordering

jAlbum>Settings>Pages>Image ordering

Determine the order images appear in the album.

Image tools

JAlbum>Explore>Contextual menus>On thumbnails>Image tools

Copy, paste or remove image tools added in edit mode.

Import albums from online jAlbum creator

Import albums from online jAlbum creator

Convert from the online version of jAlbum to the desktop application

Import Default Settings

Import default settings

Import settings from published or local projects

Imports jAlbums default settings to the current project.

Import From Camera

Import from camera

This option allows you to import images directly from a connected camera.

Import From Database

Import from database

Imports metadata for project (jpg format only) images from a comma separated, text or XML file.

Import From Facebook

Import from Facebook Nuff said!

Import Published Album

Import from published album

Allows you to download a published album and use it to create a new project.

Import Settings from project

Import settings from project

Import settings from published or local projects

Imports settings from a local project.

Import Settings from published album

Import settings from a published album

Import settings from published or local projects

Imports settings from a published album that includes a lifeboat zip file.

Improving performance

Improving performance

Include (project object)

JAlbum>Explore>Exclude/Include object

Include jAlbum widget support

jAlbum>Settings>Advanced>Metadata>Include jAlbum widget support

Enable use of widgets.

Include lifeboat file

jAlbum>Preferences>Projects>Include lifeboat file

uploads the lifeboat file.

Include original

JAlbum>Explore>Contextual menus>On thumbnails>Include original

Include the original image if image linking does not already do so.

Include photographic data in generated pages

jAlbum>Settings>Advanced>Metadata>Include photographic data in generated pages

Allows skins to display camera and other metadata.

Include subdirectories in index pages

jAlbum>Settings>Advanced>General>Include subdirectories in index pages

Include navigation links to subdirectories.

Include xmp metadata in generated images

jAlbum>Settings>Advanced>Metadata>Include xmp metadata in generated images

Embeds xmp metadata in images

Index album objects

jAlbum>Preferences>General>Search>Index album objects

Search results will include album objects.

Index metadata

jAlbum>Preferences>General>Search>Index metadata

Search results will include titles, comments etc.

Index page name

jAlbum>Settings>Advanced>Naming>Index page name

Change the default name of the HTML index files - only change it if you know exactly why it needs changing

Integrated browser


jAlbum>Preferences>Preview>Integrated CMD/CNTRL + COMMA to open preference window, then go to 'preview type'.

A built-in web browser (WebView) to make previewing changes to an album, following adjustments to skin settings, more efficient.

Invert Selection

Invert Selection

JAlbum>Explore>Contextual menus>On thumbnails>Invert selection

Make selected objects deselected, whilst making deselected objects selected.

IPTC caption

jAlbum>Settings>Advanced>Metadata>Comment sources>IPTC caption

Use IPTC caption as a comment source.