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File attributes

File attributes

Allows you control over what attributes are shown for project objects, such as filename, title, comment etc.


JAlbum>Explore>File attributes>Filename

JAlbum>Explore>Thumbnail views>File name

The file's name as viewed in the OS's file system.

Filter bar

Filter bar CMD/CNTRL + F

jAlbum>Explore>The toolbar>Filter bar

JAlbum>Explore>Contextual menus>Between thumbnails>Filter bar

Bar, below the 'Explore' pane, with controls for filtering project objects.

Find jAlbum translation

JAlbum>Menus>Tools>Find jAlbum translation

Access jAlbum's translation files.

FFMPEG Documentation

jAlbum>Settings>Videos>FFMPEG documentation

FFMPEG is a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. It is installed and used by jAlbum the first time a project includes a video file. This section gives more information on FFMPEG itself.

FFMPEG Switches

jAlbum>Settings>Videos>Video Settings>FFMPEG Switches

List of the default settings for FFMPEG


JAlbum>Explore>Contextual menus>On thumbnails>Flag

Colour code objects.



Put all generated album objects straight under the root of the output directory


Menus>View>Organise>Flatten ALT/OPT + CMD/CNTRL + F


This lets you ungroup objects in subfolders, making a 'flat' file structure.


jAlbum>Edit>Image editing (toolbar)>2.6 Flip

Flip the image horizontally or vertically.



A container for other folders and files, also called a directory. A subfolder is NOT a 'sub-album'

Folder properties pane

JAlbum>Explore>Project properties pane

Add or remove thumbnail and theme images for folders.

Font size

jAlbum>Preferences>General>Font size

Set the font size used for the application.

Force JPEG

jAlbum>Settings>Images>Advanced>Force JPEG

Force none jpeg format images to be converted to jpeg.

Force processing of small images

jAlbum>Settings>Images>Advanced>Force processing of small images

Images smaller than the image bounds will be processed

Force Remake

Menus>Album>Force Remake SHIFT + F9

JAlbum>Welcome>Force Remake

Completely rebuilds the album.